epilatorUnwanted hair at some specific parts of the body may be extremely annoying and uncomfortable for the woman at the same time it is terribly unpleasant job to remove hair. Using razor for removing the hair make the skin black and waxing is a time consuming as well as painful job.


What Is Epilator:

Epilators are new product in the market for removing the hair. It is an electrical device which mechanically remove out the hair. But unlike waxing, epilators do not remove cells from the epithelium of the epidermis layer of skin.

Benefit Of Epilator:

The epilators can be painful at the first use as it removes the hair from the root so most woman choose to wax the area first with an expert then using epilator to prevent the regrowth of hair. The good part about epilator is that it is not time consuming. To take out the hair from whole body takes around 15-20 minutes. Epilators come as corded, rechargeable and battery operated model. Also most of the epilator available in the market have varying speed feature mostly low, medium and high speed.

How to Use Epilator:

Your skin needs to be perfectly dry and free of any oil before using it. You must slide the epilator in the opposite direction of hair growth to get best result. Sometimes you may experience some redness or irritation on the area, for this you can use body lotion or moisturizer to sooth the skin.

Precaution In Using Epilator:

Avoid using epilator on the sensitive area of skin like face and bikini area. It may harm the skin in those area

Depending on the strength or brittleness of the hair, some hair may not be pulled out from root, alternatively they may snapped off just above the skin surface. In this case you may encounter on the surface due to half broken hair. But the number of broken hair diminishes with regular use of epilator.

There is no serious side effect in using epilator except that it may be painful and produce redness on skin. If used on sensitive skin, little painful bumps can be seen which last for few days.

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