hair-regrowThough hair is the dead cell of our body, yet we deadly love this section of our body. We come to realize our love for hair when it starts falling from our scalp. No matter you are Men or Women, somewhere in our life us we all experience it. If you are going through that period of your life, , this article may be a life-saver for you.

Reasons for Hair Loss:

It is very common to loose 20-30 hairs each day, but once it goes further up, it is an alarming signal. Hair loss may be the result of improper diet, stress, improper care of hair. Sometimes hair loss is an indication of some other serious health related issue with body. We must find out the reason behind our hair loss and make the necessary steps to save before it becomes too late.

Hair-Loss Products:

Market is filled with a big mass of hair loss products claiming to regrow hair in few weeks or months but using these hair loss product may not me smart choice as most of time you will find it is not meeting your expectation. If you have found a product, that is working for your hair, then you undoubtedly are a lucky person.

Scalp Massage:

There are many things you can do for regrowth of your hair that doesn't involve medication. Scalp massage is one of thing you can try. This increase the blood circulation in the scalp which provide vital nutrients for hair follicles. So make a habit of massaging hair if you are facing hair loss problem.

Essential Vitamins:

Hair loss may be the result of deficiency of some vitamins in body. You must get plenty of right vitamins in this case. Vitamin A, B, C and E are essential one for helping in hair growth fast. Anti-oxidant quality of vitamin A helps reduce loss of hair. Vitamin B is most crucial Vitamin for hair. It gives strength, vitality and texture to hair. Vitamin C and E improve blood circulation so helps us in preventing hair loss. Your diet must be filled with these vitamins if you are facing hair loss problem.

Essential Oil:

Use essential oil for soothing the scalp and calming the hair. Rosemary, henna, and lavender are some essential oils which helps in preventing the further loss of hair.

These are some natural tips that you can apply to avoid loss of hair.

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