hair-dryerDon’t get mislead by colorful and promising advertisement and bring a hair dryer which you later found unsuitable for your hair.  The market is brimming with the mass of hairdryers, featuring different merits. If you are unsure about what suits your need or what is best hairdryer for your type of hair then this article is for you.


Reason to choose appropriate hair dryer:

Blow-dryer plays a vital role in providing style to your hair, but inappropriate hair dryer may do the reverse. Wrong type of hair dryer, which are not suitable for your hair, may damage your hair follicles.

Basic type of hair dryer:

There is primarily two categories of hair dryer in market. One is regular hair dryer other one is ionic hair dryer. Ionic type of hair dryer release negative ions. Using ionic hair dryer on hair cause restructure of positive wet hair and cause moisture penetrate dipper in hair.

In this way, ionic hair dryer makes hair re-hydrate on use. It also adds shine to hair. Regular hair dryer remover wetness from hair and make it dry faster.

Hair dryer for your hair type:

  • Damaged hair: If your hair is weak and damaged, you should opt for a hair dryer which has a feature to regulate heat and control. Damaged hair needs extra care and low heat to avoid it harm further.
  • Hard Styling hair: If you experience trouble in styling due to curly hair, you may opt hair dryer that has diffuser. Diffuser helps in distributing the heat evenly on hair and makes your hair easy to style.
  • Straight hair: If you want to straighten your hair while drying, then you should select a hair dryer with nozzle attachment.
  • Long And Thick Hair: For long and thick hair, lightweight hair dryer is better as it take time to dry out your hair and larger hair dryer may be difficult to handle for such long time.
  • Wattage Factor: Wattage is another you should consider before buying a hair dryer. The advantage of high wattage hair dryer is that it takes less time in drying the hair than low wattage dryers. But it may be more damaging to hair. So if, you  have damaged hair, you should not chose dryer exceeding 1500 watt. Curly hair and the hair which are difficult to model, requires professional dryer with wattage around 2000watt.


You can find cheap hair dryer in around $15 but remember it is a one-time investment for years, so you should avoid buying cheap hair dryer. Better hair dryer series from $20 to $100 based on the technology and attachments they offer with dryer.

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