hair-problemGetting straight hair is the dream of many women but only few have natural straight hair. If you are one of those unfortunate women who lack natural straight hair, there are many products in the market to make your hair straight and fulfill your dreams. Hair irons are one of those products which are frequently used to make hair straight. But getting your hair straight with flat irons comes at a price, it slowly damage your hair.


How Flat Iron Works:

The basic idea behind making hair straight with flat iron is breaking the bonds by applying heat which is responsible for curly hair. The heat is the leading cause of hair problems that you may encounter while using flat irons. If your hair is curlier, it will require more heat to make it straight and therefore more hair problems.

Hair problems with Hair Straightening Irons:

  1. It gradually destroys texture of your hair.
  2. You might experience burning skin on your head after applying straightening iron on your hair. This happens because the iron basically burns the hair and this effect are felt by your skin as well.
  3. Your hair can also turn dry after the application of iron.
  4. It is only a temporary process; your hair will turn back to its original texture soon.
  5. Frequent use can cause dull and frizzy hair with split ends. It may make your hair brittle and easier to break off.

So it is advised not to use flat irons to make your hair straight, instead design your hair according to your face structure and natural texture. But if you are so obsessed with having straight hair and using flat iron, there are some points to remember to avoid excessive damage to your hair.

Tips to avoid hair damage:

  • Always use professional hair straightening iron instead of cheap ones.
  • If your hair is thin, Use hair iron at low-temperature settings.
  • Use of ceramic irons is preferred over traditional metallic irons.
  • Use heat protection spray and conditioner to reduce the heat damage caused by your flat iron.

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Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:21

Though flat irons are harmful because of damage to hair but they are still a cheap way to get your hair straight


Posted on: 08.08.2013 10:06

initially i thought to straighten my hairs through ironing to look beautiful, but i change my thinking after knowing the problems after staightning, it feels really horrible..........i love my hairs so i dont want to do such horrible things.....those who have curly hairs please love your hairs which is god gifted....:-)

Nina Angelina

Posted on: 22.10.2014 07:09

I like straight hairs for that I had used Hair straightener several times due to which my hair became dry and looks really messy .Then for compensating this ,I started using Hair extensions which is easy to use and does not harm my hair .Check out hair extenisons at

Ferne J Mills

Posted on: 04.04.2016 13:14

Impressive posting.To have silky and straight hair is a dream of each and every woman. They always strive to get straight hair and silky as well. Some female have straight hair naturally and they are silky too but some are unfortunate in this regards and have to obtain artificial ways to gain straight and silky hair. I love straight & silky hair. I straightening my hair too,but I can't do it properly. Now I must try following you step. I found another site( Thanks for info.


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