thicker-fuller-hairMost of us become resigned to the fact, sooner or later, that old age typically brings with it hair loss—or at the very least, significant hair thinning. Just because it’s a natural effect of age does not mean it’s something you have to live with, however. Women desiring the thick, lustrous locks of their youth can take a few practical steps toward getting fuller, thicker hair—simply by improving their own hair care practices.


Starting in the Shower:

 For most of us, the daily hair care regiment begins in the shower. You can make a few basic alterations to your shower routine that could end up working wonders for your hair. Start by ensuring that you’re not over-shampooing all life and volume out of your hair. Invest in a shampoo that is sulfate-free—something that should be plainly noted on the packaging; sulfate is one of those things that causes damage to your hair. Another significant shower tip is to stimulate your scalp as best you can, massaging it and using shampoos that give you a bit of a tingling sensation on the scalp. The tingling is a sign of blood flow—which is, of course, excellent for growing hair!

Style with Caution:

 Once you move out of the shower and start styling your hair, you’ll find more opportunities for giving your locks some much-needed TLC. For starters, use caution when you’re brushing your hair. If you brush too hard, you can damage your hair and rip out more of it than you’d probably like to. Wide-toothed, plastic combs are a safer, gentler alternative to brushes. Also, protect your hair from direct contact with hot styling products. Coat your hair with a moisturizing cream of some sort to prevent too much sizzle-damage!

Get Some Color:

 In addition to these basic modifications to your daily hair care routine, you can also style your hair in ways that gives it the appearance of greater volume and increased fullness. Coloring your hair can lend it a much thicker, more dynamic look—especially if you apply a bit of color to the roots, just covering the grays. Many women find this approach to be utterly revolutionary.

Stay Healthy:

One final thing to remember is that your hair is affected, in good many ways, by the overall health and wellness of your body. Are you undergoing a lot of stress? Stressing truly does cause your hair to fall out, so get that under control if you want to keep a full, thick head of hair. Additionally, check the labels on any medications you take. Many medicines, including a lot of common birth control pills, ultimately promote hair loss.

This post was contributed by Trina Coccarelli at Keranique, a hair thinning solution for women

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Posted on: 25.01.2013 11:55

Thin hair runs in my family. I want to make my hair thick and strong. Is their anyway to achieve it


Posted on: 25.01.2013 11:55

@Harriett I am hair expert and I know that there is no way to make your hair thicker. But there are ways in which you can make your hair look like thick.
The first step is to choose right shampoo. Biolage Normalizing Shampoo can be a good choice.
You can also make a good cut on your hair. If you get a few layers in your hair, it always helps to make it look more voluminous.
If you apply heat on your hair form making it straight or dry, you should use thermal protectant.
To make your hair longer and healthier, do all of these and make sure to get your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks.


Posted on: 25.01.2013 11:57

@Harriett You should increase protein intake in your food. In this way you can make your hair thick and able to grow it at faster rate

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Posted on: 08.03.2016 10:44

Hair loss is often sudden, unexplained and can occur in both men and women. The causes for sudden hair loss are varied and numerous and is known as Alopecia. Effective treatment is that which actually looks for the causes that are contributing to the condition.


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