TOPIC: brown dots on my nose
I have weird brown dots that are in my pores and I've been using Blackhead cream and OXY pimple pads and they still haven't gone away does anyone know what these things might be?
brown dots i can think of are freckles.....those are just on ur skin tho caused by sun or somthing
They aren't freckles. They are kind of like blackheads but I use blackhead stuff everyday and they still haven't gone away.
I have those too, but no idea how to get rid of them. I tried the sticky pad thing that's supposed to get rid of them; the one that sticks to your nose and takes them out as you pull it off. Didn't really work for me but it might work for you.
go to a dermatologist and request an acne cleaning or acne facial
Many people face these problems and they do not get prefect solution for this.
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