TOPIC: is maggi noodles safe for pregnant women
Is it safe to eat Maggi noodles during pregnancy ? I have a real craving for Maggi and though I try to avoid it , wondering if it is ok to eat once in a while.
Please advice. Also I am eating lots of fruits, vegetables etc and having a balanced diet otherwise but this Maggi craving is driving me crazy.
Hi roggedlo!
It would be ok just as long as you watch the sodium content in pre-packaged stuff.But if you are so fond of maggi, you can take it once a while.
I am not sure how safe it is to use the flavour that you get with it. You may try putting your own masala (which I normally do here) I add coriander powder, chillipowder and salt with veggies. More or less I get similar taste as maggi flavour powder.
Thank you all for replying. Next time I will try the home made seasoning .
I think once in a while is ok (not everyday) I had a craving for instant noodles in the middle of my pregnancy and I ate it everyday (I know I over did it) for one week!!
Anything in moderation is fine. Don't overdo any food.
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