burn-caloriesLow calorie diets are based upon a very simple equation; burn more calories than you consume. It follows that if you want to lose weight with such a diet, exercise is essential.

The good news is that getting regular exercise doesn’t need to be a challenging task Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to join a gym and you certainly don’t need to purchase fancy fitness equipment.


I will now outline ten easy ways to burn a hundred calories in less than thirty minutes.

Mow Your Lawn

Provided you walk fast, there’s no reason why mowing your lawn can’t be an excellent workout. A conservative estimate would be that you can burn 100 calories in fifteen minutes. In other words, mowing your lawn can not only lead to a more attractive garden, it can lead to a more attractive you.


Clocking in at around a hundred calories per twenty minutes, vacuuming is another household chore that can help you to lose weight. It’s important to be aware however that to really burn calories while vacuuming, you do need to push yourself a little. After around twenty minutes, you should be feeling a light burn in your shoulders.

Wash Your Car

Another highly productive way to burn a few calories is to simply wash your car. Not only does the act of manually washing your car exercise a wide range of muscles, you can expect to burn around a hundred calories within thirty minutes. And unlike a visit to the car wash, it’s not going to cost you a dime.

Play an Organised Sport

From basketball to football, if you can find a sport that you love and some people to play it with, there’s no easier way to meet your weekly exercise quota. On average, you can expect to burn around a hundred calories for every ten minutes that you play. This means that an hour spent on the field or court will net you an impressive six hundred calories burnt.

Take the Stairs

Another way to burn 100 calories in ten minutes is to simply take the stairs. While certainly not as enjoyable as organised sports, stair climbing is significantly easier to fit into a busy schedule. If you can fit five two minute sessions into each day, you’ll be looking at seven hundred extra calories burnt each week. Unfortunately, explaining your actions to co workers might be slightly more tricky.

Aerobic Exercise

From jumping jacks to aerobic dancing, aerobic exercising is one of the easiest ways to burn calories fast from the comfort of your home. Provided you’re putting your heart into the activity, you can generally expect to burn a hundred calories approximately every ten minutes.

Walk More

One of the easiest ways to fit exercise into a busy schedule is to simply walk more. Rather than driving all the way to work, park your car a kilometre away and walk the remainder. Rather than eating your lunch at your desk, walk to a nearby restaurant. For every twelve minutes you spend walking, you can expect to burn approximately 100 calories.


Cycling is not only an excellent way to relax, it’s a great way to burn a few calories. While cycling at moderate speeds, you can expect to burn around a hundred calories every thirty minutes. In other words, take up cycling to and from work and you’ll begin to drop the pounds almost immediately. You’ll also save on petrol.


With a single beer clocking in at around 130 calories, hitting the town at the weekend can be an expensive pastime in terms of weight loss. An excellent counter measure is to combine your drinking with dancing. You can expect to burn a hundred calories for very twenty minutes that you spend on the dance floor.


Finally, we have burpees, one of the most intensive exercises that you can perform without exercise equipment. Burpees aren’t easy but that’s what makes them so effective. Due to their strenuous nature, you can expect to burn a hundred calories in just five minutes. If you’re seriously strapped for time, and you don’t mind being a little sore afterwards, they’re the perfect way to burn calories in a speedy fashion.

Mark AdamAuthor:
Mark Adam
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Mark Adam is a sports physio by profession. He has been a part of a football team and advises regular exercise and healthy diet for losing weight quickly. During his free time, he likes to write about the upcoming trends in physical fitness

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Todd @ Addiction Solutions

Posted on: 30.04.2014 10:20

My favorite way to burn 100 calories (and quickest way) is 5 minutes of kettlebell swings!


Posted on: 25.11.2015 14:55

I consider running, jogging,cycling and dancing as the best ways of burning calories.


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