diabetesDiabetes has become a common problem now a day. It is a medical disorder where sugar amount of blood increases and body cells could not utilize this sugar to break down into energy.

The body breaks down sugar into energy with the help of a Hormone called insulin but due to some reasons, sugar remains unconverted and the people who suffer from this problem become diabetic patient. Though diabetes is a common problem today, yet many of us are unaware of the main causes of diabetes.

Types of Diabetes:

Diabetes is the inability of body in converting sugar into energy. It usually happens because of two reasons. One is due to the shortage of insulin in the body which converts sugar into energy. This occurs when pancreas which produces insulin stop working. People suffering from this problem are called type-1 diabetic patients. Second type of diabetes occurs when body cells could not use insulin properly and results in excess of sugar in the body. It is because of the receptors in the cells which respond to insulin could not activate and become inactive. This type of diabetes is more common among people and called type-2 diabetes.

Causes of Diabetes:

Type-1 diabetes occur when pancreas stop making insulin. This happens when the cells of pancreas responsible of making insulin are destroyed. It is thought that the body itself kills these cells as a mistake because of its autoimmune reaction. The reasons suggested for this case cover infection with specific virus or bacteria and exposure to food-borne chemical toxins. Tumors in pancreas, damage can also lead to type-1 diabetes.

Type-2 diabetes occur due to the inability of the body cells to use insulin properly. It depends on many factors. Most common causes of type-2 diabetes include:

  1. Genetics plays a crucial role in diabetes. It has seen that in 33% cases, children with type-2 diabetic parents also become diabetic.
  2. Increasing age is also a factor of diabetes.
  3. Obesity, physical inactivity is a significant cause of diabetes. Being overweight is linked with insulin resistance.
  4. Stress plays a key role in diabetes as it can affect the normal functioning of pancreas.
  5. High carbohydrate and sugar diet which increases the sugar level in the body.
  6. Some type of medication can also cause diabetes.
  7. Pregnant women are more likely to diabetes.
  8. Any disease that affects or damage pancreas causes diabetes.

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Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:58

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