arthritisAs we get older our bodies will naturally start to become more fragile, muscles will take longer to recover and our joints become stiffer. For many, issues with arthritis can become increasingly problematic. In this post I want to offer a few tips which can be used to help prevent or slow down the onset of arthritis and also reduce the effects.


Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways of preventing the onset of arthritis, but it does not have to be high intensity. As long as your muscles are being used and worked regularly the muscle around the joints will be strengthened, reducing the chances of developing arthritis. The good thing is there are plenty of low intensity exercises which can be enjoyed which still deliver the benefits needed.

Low Intensity Work Outs:

If you are not currently doing much exercise why not try one or two of the following: swimming, yoga, stretching or group walking. All of these low impact exercises will keep the muscles active; spending a few minutes each day walking, stretching or doing yoga can make all the difference. If possible swimming twice a week will also be highly beneficial as it uses all the main muscle groups. It is worthwhile checking with your local doctor or GP for advice on the amount of time spent exercising as each individual is different.

Healthy Eating:

Diet can also have important implications for arthritis sufferers as it is so heavily linked with weight. Research has shown people who are obese are more likely to show arthritic symptoms due to the pressure extra weight has on their joints. If you feel this may be a problem, I would suggest that you make sure you eat healthily and try not to overindulge too often. Look at taking gentle exercise more frequently and you can increase the level of exercise as you are comfortable.

There are also specific foods which have been shown to reduce the effects of arthritis. Arthritic inflammation has links to high carbohydrate intake so reducing the amount of carbohydrates in your diet may reduce the effects. Perhaps introduce more fish to your diet such as salmon, mackerel and sardines, which are all high in omega 3 that can decrease the inflammation in muscles around joints. If you are not a fan of fish, try and make sure you are eating foods containing vitamin C, as this is important for the health of muscles, as well as the immune system in general.

Posture :

Another important consideration is posture. Simple as it may seem, standing or sitting straight can be very beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of arthritis. Poor posture can stress the muscles and joints of the lower back. If you are sitting around a lot at home and you feel you have poor posture I would suggest looking at a mobility recliner chair, these are designed to help improve posture through supporting the body in the right areas.

About This Article
This is a post by Liz at Willowbrook Mobility Aids, who writes about senior living topics from experience with customers and her own, much loved grandparents. If you have an elderly relative suffering from arthritis, the comfort of an electric recliner chair or the advantage of a mobility scooter might help to make things a little easier.

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