good-carbs-bad-carbs.jpgDietary carbohydrates are the foundation of any diet, but don’t think that all dietary carbohydrates are good for you. Just like everything else, dietary carbs have a good and bad side.

Their consumption must be carefully calculated, because even the good dietary carbohydrates can increase the risk for heart diseases and diabetes if they are eaten in large quantities. Dietary carbohydrates are found in many foods and they come in several forms – the most common of them are fibers, starches and sugars. These carbohydrates are found in bread, beans, popcorn, potatoes, milk, corn, spaghetti and other food.
Determining which dietary carbohydrates are good or bad can be a difficult task, but we believe that the information below will give you an idea about the best and worst dietary carbohydrates.

Good Carbohydrates:

Let’s start with the best carbohydrates. The best kind you can find are the carbs that are found in high fiber food – whole grain, beans, bran cereals, brown rice, raspberries, pears, apples, strawberries, raisins, etc. Keep in mind that the recommended daily consumption of fiber per day is 21-25 grams for women and 30-38 grams for men. Eating too much can backfire and ruin your entire diet, so put a limit on your consumption and don’t pass it. High fiber food is good for you, because it provides your body with a gradual flow of energy. High fiber food is slowly digested and therefore the body receives a steady supply of energy which keeps it satisfied for longer.

Bad Carbohydrates:

On the other side we have the ‘bad carbs’ which break down quickly and rapidly raise the blood sugar levels in your organism. These carbs are absorbed very quickly and soon you’ll be craving for another fix. Bad carbs are found in low-fiber food – white bread, rolls, crackers, sugar-loaded foods, pancakes, eggs, tofu, tender meat, peanut butter, etc.

Choosing Good Carbohydrate in your Diet:

If you want to consume only the best dietary carbohydrates, then here is our advice to you:

  • Avoid eating processed and refined foods
  • Always read the label of the products you are purchasing and check for added sugar
  • Choose whole grains when possible – oats, brown rice, legumes, fruits, vegetables, beans
  • Avoid low-fat foods which contain a large amount of calories from sugar
  • Avoid low-carb foods which have more calories from fat

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Posted on: 16.02.2013 08:49

This is a nice article. I will always try to include good carbohydrate in my diet and avoid bad one


Posted on: 26.11.2015 16:53

Well written.
Better to include complex carbs in diet like oats and whole wheat bread rather than simple carbs.


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