low-testosteroneDo you know which hormone is responsible for the sexual development of your body? It is extremely beneficial to have a fair idea about this hormone, and its role in your body as it can help in bringing down the sexual disorders of your body. Testosterone is the hormone which plays a key role in the sexual health of male body and low level of this hormone not only degrade you sexual health but also cause other health disorders like osteoporosis.


Importance of Testosterone hormone:

  • Semen Production: It controls the production of semen in the testes, so it is the main hormone of male sexual development.
  • Sex Desire: It also controls the sex drive of male. Low level of testosterone can cause decreased sex desire or low libido in men.
  • Sex organ development: During puberty period, this hormone level reaches  its peak, as this is the phase where sex organ and sex desire starts developing.
  • Sperm quality: It is also seen that this hormone plays a vital role in quality as well as quantity of sperm in men. This is extremely helpful for the male suffering from low production of sperm.
  • Puberty: Deep voice and hair on the body is the outcome of this hormone. It gives men their masculinity.
  • Muscles and Bones: It is also found that testosterone is helpful in maintaining the bone density and useful in treatment of osteoporosis.

So testosterone is particularly crucial for the sexual health and development of male. With the age, testosterone level started declining so older people should keep a watch on testosterone level.

Health problems with low level of testosterone:

Acceptable limit of testosterone in the human body is 250 ng/dl to 1100 ng/dl. Our body starts showing health problem like erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, hair loss, weak bones, lack of muscles when testosterone level goes below this range. Testosterone circulates in the body with blood and activates sex organs. These symptoms can also be found in the body having sufficient testosterone level because some testosterone binds with a protein in the blood and doesn’t play an active role in the body.

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