vitamin-eDo you know how our muscles, tissues and cells are formed in a human body? How do they work? And what makes them work in a perfect manner?

Benefits Of Vitamin E:

Well the vitamin that is responsible for all the happenings inside our body in terms of muscle formation, tissue formation and cells working in normally known as vitamin E. So now you might have gotten the picture of how much this vitamin is vital for us. Our whole body is formed of muscles, tissues and cells. Whenever during a workout or some exercise if a muscle ruptures or is damaged then the rejuvenation process takes place with the help of vitamin E. It helps your body muscles to develop themselves again and forces them to work in a proper order.

Vitamin E Deficiency:

Its deficiency can be termed as a disastrous event for a human body because other than muscles and tissues formation, it is helpful to our body regarding the fact that it plays a key role in many different body processes.

Though it is not a common problem in humans, but still we have cases of this scenario. Problems like breast cancer and prostrate can also be avoided if you have accurate amount of vitamin E reserves in your body.

Sources of Vitamin E:

Dry fruits such as hazelnuts and almonds are full of vitamin E nutrients. Peanut butter, sweet potatoes, and corn oil are also highly beneficial in terms of Vitamin E intake. Mango in its raw form should also be used because it is full of Vitamin E. Fruits like tomato, pumpkin, sweet potato, mango and papaya are a good source of  Vitamin E. Include these fruits in your daily diet to avoid deficiency of Vitamin E.

Recommended Dose of Vitamin E:

You should remember that excessive dose of Vitamin E is also unsuitable for the body. Recommended doses of Vitamin E for infants are 4-5 mg/day. For the children below three years, recommended dose of vitamin E is 6mg/day, for 4-9 years it is 8mg/day and for adults it is 14mg/day.

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Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:54

Vitamin E behaves as an antioxidant in the body. Recent research is throwing up evidence of it being a protective factor in cardiovascular disease. Its ability to prevent oxidation of the bad cholesterol prevents the clogging of arteries that can lead to high blood pressure or a heart attack.


Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:54

Vitamin E is another of those versatile vitamins... A bottle of capsules is always good to have on hand and take regularly - and did you know that it makes a great salve if you are ever burned? Just pop open the capsule, rub a little of the oil onto the burn, and voila - faster healing. -Lina


Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:54

I am a Chiropractor in Reno, NV and I recommend 3 supplements to almost all of my patients. 1) A good quality multi-vitamin/mineral complex. 2) Microfiltered Fish Oil. 3) Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant, it helps to increase the elasticity of the blood vessels and skin and I find that when in combination with Fish oil it acts wonderfully to decrease inflammation, which is great for treating the common musculoskeletal problems I see on a daily basis in my practice. Great article.


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