Get fit with cyclingThere are lots of great ways to get fit and cycling is one of them. Yet many people overlook getting on their bike as a way to give their fitness levels a boost.
They tend to forget that there are several ways to enjoy riding a bike and getting fit. You do not have to ride your bike on the road where there is a lot of other traffic, where how fast you go is largely governed by other road users. Turning your bike into a complete fitness machine and really stretch yourself and your body is far easier than you think.

Turn your road bike into a gym bike:

You can easily buy yourself a roller trainer from This type of trainer turns a road cycle into a bike that you can use indoors, which allows you to use your road bike for interval training.

Interval training:

Training in intervals has been shown to be one of the fastest ways to improve fitness levels. Switching your activity rate up and back down again stops your body from getting into a comfortable routine. It stops your body from getting into a rhythm and getting used to the exercise that you are doing. Once that happens your body relaxes a little and you get less out of your exercise session, so it is important to incorporate interval training into your fitness regime.

Interval training on a bike is easy. All you need to do is to switch the pace at which you pedal up at various points in each session. A good roller trainer or trainer stand will measure your speed and distance covered and send that data to a wristband or screen that you mount onto the handlebars.

Get out on your bike:

While we are on the subject of switching things up there really is no better way of doing this than riding outside. If you ride around a nature trail, you are exposing your body to changes in incline and road or track texture all of the time. Move things up a notch and go mountain biking and you are exposing yourself to even more variety in terrain. Mountain biking is an easy way to give yourself an all body workout.

Improve your technique:

How you ride has an impact on your fitness levels and how much exercise you can take. Ride well and you will avoid injuries, be able to cover more ground and tackle tougher terrain.
You need to learn to pedal at a steady rate. Around 80 to 105rpm is the ideal pace. On the flat, you will be able to pedal at the higher rate, on slightly steeper terrain you will end up pedalling at the lower rate.
Learning how to use your gears and how to tackle hills properly will help you to be able to spend more time actually riding and less time walking. That means that you will burn more calories overall.
Pedalling smoothly and using your gears correctly will also reduce the amount of jarring that your joints experience.
So if you want to get fit fast get your bike out, service it, buy the right equipment and learn how to ride well and you will be ultra-fit in no time.

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Posted on: 30.05.2016 05:58

Thanks for these tips! I'm on a diet plan now. I want to add other activities so I can get fit faster. I am thinking of cycling since we're having beautiful outdoor weather at the moment... perfect for this. Thanks for the added tips on how to make biking more helpful!


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