EmphysemaEmphysema is a lung disorder which gradually and progressively destroys the normal function of lungs. It damages the lung tissues over time which hampers the normal oxygen exchange in the lungs and makes the quality of life miserable.

It is very important to identify Emphysema in early stage so that further damage to lungs can be prevented. Emphysema is not completely curable but it can be controlled with proper medication.

How to Identify Emphysema:

  • The most common symptom of Emphysema is shortness of breath and wheezing. In early stage, shortness of breath or decrease in lung capacity is often considered the outcome of cold or allergy which makes the detection of Emphysema very difficult in early stage.
  • The other common symptom of is wheezing. Wheezing is basically the whistling sound coming out from respiratory passageway while breathing. This symptom is sometimes confused with asthma or some allergy.
  • As the time passes, the breathing becomes more and more difficult. Tolerances to exercises or physical activities decrease where one needs more oxygen.
    Chronic cough and loss of appetite is another symptom of Emphysema.
  • Rapid breathing is one more symptom which is associated with Emphysema.

Causes of Emphysema:

  • The most common cause for developing Emphysema is smoking. Smoking damages the tissues in lungs and hinders with cleaning of mucus and secretion. This create conducive environment for bacteria which causes many lung infections.
  • Another reason for development of Emphysema is air pollution. The harmful chemicals present in the air irritate and inflames the respiratory tract and damage lung tissues.
  • The people who have alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency are more prone to develop Emphysema.

Natural Tips to Stop Progression of Emphysema:

  1. You should stop smoking to control progression of Emphysema. It is the root cause behind development of Emphysema so say complete no to smoking. You should also avoid secondhand smoking.

  2. You should avoid going into polluted air which cause irritation in respiratory tract. You should avoid automobile exhaust, dust, fumes from paint. Regular cleaning of air conditioner filters is very necessary to keep your home free from air pollutants.
  3. Regular exercise is very necessary to keep the lung capacity normal.
  4. Avoid cold air as it causes spasm of bronchial passage which in turn make breathing difficult.
  5. Take 2-3 cloves of garlic daily. It is found very useful in the treatment of Emphysema.
  6. Lemon or lime juice is also beneficial in Emphysema.
  7. Vitamin C and E are beneficial for the person suffering from Emphysema. You should include these vitamins in your daily diet.
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