diabetes-dietDiabetes is a medical condition in which glucose level of blood increases.  The glucose level in the body is maintained with the help of a hormone called insulin. This insulin is produced in pancreas and helps in breaking glucose into energy by body cells.

The problem occurs when pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin or body cells are not able to use insulin properly. In both cases glucose in the blood increase but the body cells starves of energy.

Type of Diabetes:

There are primarily two types of diabetes.
Type 1 Diabetes: It is also called juvenile diabetes in which pancreas stops making insulin. This happens if for some reasons cells of pancreas which produce insulin has been destroyed.
Type 2 Diabetes: It is also called adult-onset diabetes which is more common among people. People may encounter this problem at any age. In this type, body cells could not utilize insulin properly to convert glucose into energy, so body needed more insulin. It increases the load on pancreas and gradually it looses it ability to produce insulin.

Diet for diabetes:

People struggling since years from diabetes used to popping pills but never change their eating habits. The diet, which is required to avoid an increase in blood glucose is also suitable for people without this disorder. So everybody in a family can opt for this diet whether he is diabetic or not.

Carbohydrates plays a key role in increasing blood sugar level.  They easily turn into glucose once reached inside body. You should always watch your daily intake of carbohydrate because it gives spike rise to glucose level.

Avoid fast food as it contains high value of fat, calorie and cholesterol and sodium.  Taking fast food daily not only increase obesity but also increases the likelihood of diabetes.

Fiber rich food  is extremely necessary to keep the blood sugar level in control. These foods don’t absorb by the body itself but helps in keeping the colon clear which is particularly necessary for diabetic patients.

Avoid consumption of alcohol if you have diabetic complication. It provide as much calorie as fat so consume it occasionally when your blood sugar is under control.

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