fruit-snacksWhen we talk about fruits, we think about something that is very nutritious and beneficial for health. But what about fruit snacks? A fruit snack is sort of processed fruit which can be consumed as traditional snacks. Fruits go through many processing steps like air drying, vacuum frying, freeze drying or sun drying before changing into fruit snacks.

 Just the name include word fruit doesn’t mean that the snack is as healthy as fruit. Though the advertisers say that fruits snacks are very healthy option, it might not be the real case. The healthiness and usefulness of fruit snack depend on how it was manufactured and how much nutritious value it retains. For example, fruit snacks prepared from freeze drying may have lost water content but they retain the nutrients of fruit and very healthy choice.

The opposite side claims that fruit snacks are like a piece of candy which contains high fructose and sugar content. They are very low on nutritious value as compared to natural fruit. Addition of color makes them more unsuitable for consumption.

If we talk about the contents of fruit snack, here are few things you should know:

  • They contain added sugar. It means they provide extra calorie without contributing significant nutrients to the diet. So it is advisable to eat them occasionally and in small amounts.
  • Fruit snacks are generally fat free. So for a person, who is on diet, it may be good option.
  • They contain very less protein or almost free of protein. Protein is very important part of your daily diet as it support many body functions and maintain good health. Lack of protein in diet keeps you unsatisfied all the day and you may feel hungry all over the day.
  • Fruit snacks contain simple carbohydrate and almost all the calorie of fruit snacks comes from it. Carbohydrates are sudden energy and sugar booster but later you again feel hungry. They are also linked with obesity.
  • Though not a natural source of vitamin, fruit snacks contain good source of vitamin especially vitamin C. Vitamin C is a natural anti-oxidant and very necessary for body. Fruit snacks also contain a good amount of minerals.
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Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:52

Yeah, I definitely donot think of fruit snacks as actual fruit, but they DO taste pretty good and I feel like they are a better option than other candy... Not to mention the vitamins, those are an added bonus too! :)


Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:53

It is true that we should only eat this kind of snack occasionally, and in small amounts. For healthier snack options, go for the fresh fruits! :-)

papi chulo

Posted on: 20.08.2015 23:01

Been eating 15 packs a day for a week or so... worst thing I can say is my shit smells way worse.... lol


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