anemiaAnemia is a medical disorder which results due to lower count of red blood cells in the blood. The red blood cells contain a substance called hemoglobin which is responsible for binding oxygen in the blood. The main job of hemoglobin is to carry oxygen from the lungs and transport it to a different part of body cells.

Cells use this oxygen to convert sugar into energy. So you can easily imagine what may be the problems if you lack red blood cells in your body. Because, the lack of energy you feel dizzy and tired every time.

Causes of anemia:

You can suffer from anemia because of two reasons. First one is due to lower count of red blood cells, and the second one is due to low hemoglobin level in the blood. Either way, blood loses its capability of transporting oxygen from lungs to different cells of the body or tissues and result in low energy level. The main causes of anemia include:

  1. Loss of blood due to sudden injury.
  2. Reduced production of red blood cells in blood or they are breaking very quickly
  3. Not enough hemoglobin present in the blood
  4. Poor diet which resulted in insufficient iron, Vitamin B12 and proteins
  5. Bleeding piles, blood loss due to heavy periods
  6. Liver disease and renal failure
  7. Stomach problems like food not getting absorbed properly, parasites or worms inside stomach
  8. Chemotherapy drugs and heavy use of alcohol can also contribute to anemia

Anemia symptoms:

Because anemia is a disorder where body doesn’t get enough energy due to low hemoglobin or low red blood cells, most of the symptoms related to ow energy level of body.  The common symptoms of anemia are:

  1. Feeling of weakness and fatigue.
  2. Getting tired easily and feel dizzy while doing any work
  3. Tired eyes, dull face with premature wrinkles
  4. Headache, rapid pulse irregular heart beat with palpation
  5. Loss of memory and feeling difficulty in logical thinking
  6. Dryness in mouth and burning sensation on tongue with difficulty in swallowing any food
  7. Brittle nails and hair
  8. Cold hand and feet.

These are some common symptoms of anemia. If you have any symptoms mentioned above, get your blood checked quickly for red blood cells count and hemoglobin level because chances are there that you may be suffering from anemia. In the start, anemia can be so mild that you may not notice these symptoms, but as anemia start getting worse, these symptoms come on surface.

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