sharp-memoryEverybody wants a sharp memory, but as we grow older our capability of remembering things declines gradually. It is very embarrassing to forget an important event or thing at the time of need, and this type of mild memory problems are becoming very common now a day.  There are many ways to keep our brain sharp and we are going to discuss those tips in this article so stay tuned.


Tips to improve memory:

  1. Just like physical exercise keep your body fit, mental exercise or activities can keep your memory problems at bay. Increased used of gadgets and reliability on them causes a negative effect on our memory. Using event reminders, storing contacts in the phone-book and doing all calculation on calculator are some examples where we earlier use our brain but now the situation has changed. Involve yourself in mental activities. Do crossword puzzles, try different routes to reach your office, read newspapers, learn a new language, play instruments, are some activities which you can include in your daily routine to keep your memory sharp.
  2. Keep yourself socially active. Being alone and no interaction with others can negatively affect your brain. Also involving in social activities keeps stress and depression away which contributes in memory loss.
  3. Try to do whatever you do perfectly and in different ways. Try to take a different route to reach your office. Read newspaper fast or sometimes read it at rotation. Write neatly and use all your imagination to make your words stylish.
  4. Stay away from your laziness and involve yourself in physical activities. Physical activities don’t mean that you need to do daily body exercise, it is just involve yourself in your daily activities which you try to skip due to laziness. Using stairs to reach your floor instead of using elevator, take your dog for a walk are some examples. Think of your daily routine and activities where you can involve some physical work. Physical activities improve the blood circulation in the body as well as in our brain which is very important for the cell of the brain.
  5. Diet plays an important role in the smooth functioning of body and brain. Include green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Foods that are rich in anti-oxidants is very essential for brain. Carbohydrates are also important for the smooth functioning of the brain so don’t skip carbohydrates from your meal.
  6. Studies show that consuming moderate alcohol with your meal can help in improving your memory but heavy drinking can cause permanent damage to your brain.
  7. Avoid stress as in stress our brain creates some hormones which are harmful to the brain. Take little brake in between your work and take a deep breath to avoid stress. You can also opt breathing exercise like Pranayam and Yoga to avoid stress.

These are some tips which you can follow to keep your memory fit.

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