kidney-stoneKidney is a vital organ of our body, which acts as a filter to eliminate waste, impurities from the body and throws out these waste along with the urine. Kidney stones are solid, hard accumulation of deposits that’s getting separated and crystallize in the urinary tract. Each year millions of people suffers from this problem.

Urine contains some chemicals which prevents the formation of crystals in the urine but sometimes due to some reasons when these chemicals cannot perform this job, small crystals are formed. These crystals came out with the urine without our attention if they remain in small size. The problems arise when these crystals become obese and need surgery for removal. These stones can appear anywhere in the urinary tract which comprise of kidney, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Depending on the location of stone, different medical terms are used to describe these stones but, for the simplicity, kidney stones are the general term used by the common person for the stones form in the urinary tract.

Causes of kidney stone formation:

Kidney stones are formed because of the chemicals present in the urine like calcium, phosphorus and oxalic acid. Kidney stone varies in size from as little as grain to as big as bird egg. Kidney stones are formed due to high concentration of urine as it facilitates the separation of crystals from the urine. Most common causes of kidney stone formation include:

  1. The people living in a warm climate are more likely to develop kidney stones as most of the water released from the body in the form of sweat.

  2. It is also seen that people who has previous family history of kidney stones, are more prone to develop kidney stone.
  3. People who take diet rich in calcium also prone to develop kidney stones. High level of calcium in the urine encourage the creation of crystals in the form of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate, which eventually results in kidney stone that can appear anywhere in the urinary tract.
  4. People who consume less water are also likely to develop kidney stone formation as sufficient amount of water in urine is required to flush out any crystal formation in the urinary tract.
  5. If you have any urinary tract disease or infection, chances of kidney stone increases.
  6. High consumption of coffee, tea, sugar rich products, spicy food and lack of vitamin-A also increases the chances of formation of kidney stones.
  7. Some Metabolic disorders like Cystinuria and hyperoxaluria cause formation of kidney stone. In these disorders, amino acid amino acid cystine and oxalate salt concentration in the body increase which lead to kidney stones.


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