alcoholismAlcoholism is a medical disorder where patient cannot control his crave for alcohol even though he is well aware of the harmful effects of consuming excess alcohol. A person is called alcoholic if he continues taking alcohol even after many health problems and negative social consequences. Once a person become alcoholic, and if he is not treated carefully within few years, alcohol destroys him not only physically and mentally but also socially. 

Alcohol become such kind of need for a person which is suffering from alcoholism like food and water for a normal person.

Symptoms of Alcoholism:

Once a person become alcoholic, following symptoms can be clearly seen

  1. His craving for alcohol becomes same like food and water.
  2. He makes countless excuses to drink alcohol.
  3. He becomes extremely annoyed if somebody points out his drinking problem but never accepts it that he has any drinking problem.
  4. Sudden mood swing and short term memory loss problems. Difficulty to remember things that happened during drinking.
  5. Alcoholic person feels paralysis of muscles surrounding the eyes.
  6. Alcoholic person loses his appetite, have eating disorders.
  7. He feels fortunate in being isolated and neglect social events and gatherings.
  8. His resistance towards alcohol increases with time, and he needs more alcohol to feel its impact.
  9. He repeatedly neglects his responsibly towards his family members and get frustrated if someone points out.
  10. His working performance drops at his work place.
  11. He feels anxiety and shakiness when he could not managed to get alcohol for some time.
  12. Insomnia, fatigue and depression are other symptoms, that he feels after withdrawing from alcohol.
  13. Redness in eyes with a puffy face.
  14. Feels numbness or weakness in his arms or legs.

These are few symptoms, which describe a person is alcoholism or not. If anyone from your friends or family includes these signs, it is extremely necessary for him/her to get treated promptly else alcohol will destroy his life physically as well as emotionally.

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