To keep the eye vision calm and easy, our tears provide a thin coat over our eyes. The tear is mostly made of water, mucus and essential oils and plays a key role in lubrication as well as keeping eyes safe from infection. The mucus and essential oils are produced by the glands situated in our eyes. Dry eyes syndrome is a condition which arises when these glands doesn’t supply enough mucus or oil and causes the feeling of dryness in the eyes.

Symptoms of dry eye:

When enough lubrication is not supplied, a person may experience pain and irritation in eyes. The person eyes become very sensitive to light and feel uncomfortable while looking over slightly intense source of light like presentation slides. People also feel gritty sensation in eyes when suffering from dry eyes. The gritty sensation arises due to eye lid rubbing against cornea in absence of inadequate lubrication. Unclear blurred vision and redness in the eyes are the other symptoms of dry eyes.

Causes of dry eyes:

Dry eyes symptoms are common with age as tear producing capacity of glands decreases with age. Excessive use of computer can also be the reason behind dry eyes. While working on computer a person usually blinks eyes around 7 times in a minute while the normal blinking rate is around 22 times in a minute. Reduce blinking increases evaporation of tears and make the eye dry. Some bacterial infection also cause dryness in eyes as they interfere with tear quality and make tears evaporate faster. Some medications used in blood pressure control, birth control, antihistamines and antidepressant contribute to dry eye. Dry eyes problem found common in people who consume excessive alcohol. Pollution, dust and heavy wind also result in dry eyes. Hormonal change in women during menopause, lactation, pregnancy and menstruation also be the reason behind dry eyes.

Natural ways to cure dry eyes:

  1. Avoid working on computer for long hours. If you cannot avoid it, take short breaks in between. Also be conscious about your blinking rate and maintain it at normal range to avoid dry eyes.
  2. Avoid going out into polluted, filled with dust atmosphere and if necessary always wear goggles.
  3. Almond oil is very helpful in curing the dry eye problem. Adding few drops of almond oil in eyes make the eyes moisturized and calm.
  4. Sometimes dry eye problem is caused due to blockage of glands. In such case applying warm compresses over eyes helpful in removing blockage of tear producing glands.
  5. Vitamin A is an essential for healthiness of eyes. Include Vitamin A rich food like carrot, mango, milk and spinach in your daily diet to keep your eyes fit.
  6. Drink plenty of water around 10 glasses each day. It keep the body as well as eyes hydrated.
  7. Mix few drops of lavender oil in a cup of water and apply this mixture over your eyes with the help of a neat cotton ball to soothes your eyes.
  8. Placing freshly cut pieces of cucumber over the eyes also make the eyes calm and provide relief from the discomfort caused by dry eyes.

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John Smith

Posted on: 26.08.2014 05:02

These are great information. I'm trying to learn more about dry eyes before visiting a retinal specialist. Upon my research most of what I am experiencing are symptoms of dry eyes infection. Hopefully, my doctor could give me an instant cure because I can't wear my contact lenses while I have this eye condition. I really hate wearing my eyeglasses because the metal laying above my nose and ears gives me an uncomfortable feeling.

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Posted on: 14.01.2016 13:08

This is a bit like back pain and I think we’re going to see a lot more of it in the future. Working at the computer for long periods without taking a break is so bad for this, as well as eye strain. I put a timer on every 10 minutes and make sure I give my eyes a break from the screen. I’ll go for a little walk and look at something else to rest them. You can also close your eyes and do some blinking to give your eyes more breaks.


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