crows-feetThe first thing that comes in mind after hearing the word Crow's feet is that it must be a problem related to our feet but in reality there is no relation of crow's feet with our legs. Crow's feet is the fine lines that appears near the outside corner of our eyes . These line are also called as laugh lines or character lines in a sweet-talk  but we never wish for these lines as they are basically the sign of our aging.


Cause of Crow's Feet:

Crows feet is a common problem among men and women of old as which is outcome of skin aging. Our skin has elastic property so that it bears little stretch and bends and come back to original form without any permanent deformation. We cannot avoid stretching of our skin else it would stop us from laughing, frowning or smiling. As we grow older, the skin loses elasticity and it is the main cause of wrinkles on our face or crow's feet.

How to Get Rid of crow's feet:

Crows feet come naturally as we grow older. It is inevitable and we can not avoid it. But we can reduce the appearance of these fine lines by taking proper care of our skin. There are many creams available in the market for reducing wrinkles. You can also use sunscreen to avoid premature aging of the skin. But if you interested in natural home remedies to cure these fine lines and don't want to waste money on these expensive creams or serums, here are few homemade remedies available for you.


Regular application of cucumber slice works wonder with crow's feet. Take freshly cut of cucumber slice and place it over your eyes. Lie down on your bed for around 15-20 minutes and then wash it off.

Raw potatoes:

Same as cucumber slice, you can also use raw potato for reducing the fine lines around your eyes. Placing potato slice around your eyes, lighten the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. You can also use potato juice for curing crow's feet. Grate a small slice potato and extract its juice. Apply this juice near the corner of your eyes. Regular application of this juice give astonished results in few days.

Egg white:

Egg white is always remaining first choice to remove wrinkles naturally. Crack an egg and extract its white part in a bowl. Beat this mixture to make a homogeneous paste and then apply it around your eyes. If you have developed wrinkles on your face, you can apply it over your forehead as well as cheeks. Keep your face motionless after application of this paste for around 15 minutes and then wash it off with the help of cold water and a cotton ball. Avoid warm water for washing off this mixture as it may solidify the egg white.

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Posted on: 18.06.2013 21:19

I am 35 years old and I acome to your site reading about solution to crows feet. I got so many solutions here but could not decide which one to chose.


Posted on: 18.06.2013 21:21

Hi I would suggest you to try one home remedy for a day or two. After trying this remedy for one or two days, if it still not give you any visible changes, try another home remedy.
Anyway my favourite home remedy for crows feet is applying egg white.


Posted on: 18.06.2013 21:22

Has anyone tried eye lifting cream from Loreal brand? is it good to use for eye wrinkles?

reshma syed

Posted on: 04.04.2014 18:09

i woul suggest to use raw potato juice for get rid of wrinkles

Terry @dermology anti aging cream

Posted on: 05.05.2014 11:02

These methods are the simplest and at the same time most effective natural solutions for crow feet. Thanks for sharing :)


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