blemishBlemishes are commonly seen on face of men and women. They appear as dark patches, blackheads, pimples and acne on the face. Basically blemishes are caused when the pores on the skin gets blocked by impurity or germs inside. Some type of blemishes causes rosy red coloration on the face and some types create dark port wine stain giving ugly look to the face.

Blemishes spoil one’s self image and esteem and there are plenty of treatment available in the market for getting rid of blemishes.

Causes of Blemishes:

Blemishes can be caused by number of factors. For some women it is caused by overusing cosmetic products, in particular wrong usage of moisturizing lotion and night creams. Certain compounds present in the foundation cream and toiletries can cause skin allergy causing rash or dark spots on the face.
Changes in hormone levels may cause blemishes on adolescents. When you are getting stressed, the metabolism produces androgen in large quantities which may create blemishes on the face. Similarly blemishes have become common problem for women during puberty and menstruation cycle.

Pollution is yet another factor that may trigger blemishes formation. Sometimes drastic changes in weather may cause skin rash which may form blemishes. Excess of oil on the skin is possibly another reason which causes blemishes.
Genetically it can be inherited from parents and stains are sometimes caused due to genetic factors.

Symptoms of Blemishes:

The color of the face and neck where blemishes are formed changes. Sometimes several dark spots or black spots occur on the face creating embarrassment. These dark patches are usually seen only on face and neck region but sometimes blemishes are also found in other parts of the body due to pigmentation of the skin.

Home remedies for Blemishes:

Number of homemade products is available for curing blemishes but you have to stick on for the treatment for at-least a month for getting positive results. Home remedies are inexpensive and most of the products are available right in the kitchen.

  1. Orange juice, lemon juice and cucumber juice are some of the home remedies used for removing blemishes. Apply few drops of freshly prepared juice on the affected area and leave it for few minutes. Wash it with cold water and allow it to dry.
  2. Blemishes that are caused by acne can easily be treated using lemon juice and boiling chamomile mixture.
  3. Using sandalwood oil and sandalwood powder regularly can heal the blemishes and dark spots and improve your complexion also.
  4. Honey is natural antioxidant and is highly recommended for curing blemishes. Apply few drops of pure honey and rose water on the affected area and allow it to dry. Wash with cold water after some time.
  5. Properly mash three strawberries and add few drops of vinegar. Apply this mixture on your face and let it be there for overnight. Regulaly following this therapy make your face blemish free.
  6. Take one carrot and boil it in  water. Mash the boiled carrot and apply this mixture on your face for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse it off with water or milk. You can also apply carrot juice on your face to get rid of blemishes.
  7. Applying mashes green papaya on the affected area of your face for fifteen minutes is also an effective way of treating blemishes.

Any type of home-made therapy should be repeated for a month. It takes time for the skin to accustom to the treatment and change the pigmentation naturally. So, be patient when you follow any of the home remedies above.

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Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:07

Lemon is one of the best home remedy for treatment of blemishes. It is useful in gradually discoloring the spot color and lightening the skin. But some people have sensitive skin and can not tolerate the acidity caused by lemon. So it is advised to mix lemon with rose water or honey or turmeric powder to tone down its acidic properties.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:07

My face earlier used to be the home of blemishes, pimples. But now it is gone. My aunt suggested me to try JoJoba oil and after using it my face is now become clear. Even the blemishes on my face is cleared up.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:07

Hi friends, I am 24 years old and my engagement is going to happen in 3 months. My face has got blemishes spots. Plaese suggest me some tips to brighten up my face. Tell me some simple home rtemedy or face pack which I can apply. The article says that honey can be used for treatment of blemish. But which type of honey I should use. Organic honey or the honey that is available in the stores.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:07

Jojoba oil is good for oily skin. Specially for Acne/Blemish prone skin. The reason behind is that Jojoba oil has the similarity of the sebum that the skin generates. Oily skin generates more amount of this sebum but jojoba oil tricks the skin into not producing more sebum and controls/balances the oil production.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:08

Where can I find Jojoba oil. Is it available in the stores. Where can I find it online.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:08

I will try Jojoba oil on my face and will give you details about how it worked for me.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:08

After using it 3 weeks , acne/blemishes on my face have disappeared and infact the spots that the acne leave also disappeared. My facial skin feels soft, but not too oily or sticky. The oil worked excellent for me.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:09

You can buy it at


Posted on: 12.02.2015 09:13

Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


Posted on: 12.02.2015 09:14

Great article, Thanks for your great information, the content is quiet interesting. I will be waiting for your next post.


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