bad-breatheBad breath is a very common health problem which many people face in their life. It is also known as Halitosis. People try to avoid talking face to face with those, who has a bad-breath problem, which is terribly embarrassing situation. Though, we all have foul breath when we wake up in the morning, but it is temporary and fade away with brushing.

The real problems occur when brushing doesn’t solve our problem. This is called chronic bad breath and requires proper attention.


There are many facts which contribute to bad breath. Insufficient dental care and inadequate oral hygiene are the usual cause, but the diseases in the stomach or respiratory tract can also lead to bad breath. Consumption of alcohol and tobacco also contribute a lot in bad breath.

Tips to Avoid Bad Breath:

  1. Develop a habit to brush your teeth and floss your mouth daily when you wake up and when you go to bed. If you are suffering from bad breath, you must clean your teeth after each meal. This will remove the trapped food from your teeth, which allow active site for bacteria to survive and spread unpleasant smell.
  2. Brushing your tongue is also necessary to avoid unpleasant breath. Taste buds present on the tongue contain some thick food which invites bacteria to develop. Brush and scrap your tongue gently to avoid the accumulation of any food.
  3. Dry mouth is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow. Drinking a lot of water keeps your mouth hydrated and reduce the generation of anaerobic bacteria. Always breath from nose instead of your mouth to avoid drying of your mouth.
  4. Stop consumption of alcohol as well as tobacco as they result in bad breath.
  5. Chewing parsley is a good way to cure bad breath. It antiseptic properties are useful in killing the bacteria, and ingredients like chlorophyll provides freshness to mouth. It is extremely useful to counter foul smell caused by the food like onion and garlic.
  6. Consuming lemon after the meal can help in fighting against bad breath, as it contains citric acid, which kills bacteria.
  7. Eating fruits like carrots, apple and cucumber not only suitable for health but they also assist in cleaning the bacteria naturally from mouth.

These are some tips which you can follow to avoid and cure bad breath but if the problem persist, the reason may be some disease in your stomach and respirator tract. Seek medical advice in this case.

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