hemoglobin-during-pregnancyThe blood inside our body makes around 8 percent of our body weight. The main purpose of blood is to transport gases mainly oxygen and carbon dioxide. The blood is able to perform this function because of hemoglobin that it contains. Hemoglobin is a molecule made of mainly iron and protein. Oxygen carrying capacity of blood is directly proportional to hemoglobin content of blood.

Normal Hemoglobin Level:

Hemoglobin level in blood is mainly done to evaluate the possibility of anemia and severity of anemia. Normal hemoglobin level for male adults are 13.5-17 g/dl where for female adults the recommended value of hemoglobin is 12-15 g/dl.

Hemoglobin level during Pregnancy:

The normal hemoglobin level falls during pregnancy because of dilution effect. During pregnancy, more fluids circulates in blood which dilute red blood cells thus hemoglobin level seems lower. Hemoglobin level for a pregnant woman of 28 weeks falls to 10-14 g/dl. But this decrease in hemoglobin level is a normal change and doesn't cause any problem.

During pregnancy, blood volume increase by around 30 percent so more iron is required to make hemoglobin. That is the reason pregnant women are given addition iron supplement during pregnancy.

Problem associated with low hemoglobin:

The deficiency of hemoglobin or iron causes anemia. Feeling tired, weak and dizzy are the common symptom of anemia. During pregnancy, if the hemoglobin level goes down, you may notice pale fingernails, pail eyelids, rapid heartbeat and problem in concentrating on anything.

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