Everyone has heard that certain foods will help reduce the risk of cancer, however many professionals believe such a statement to be overly simplified. Studies are being conducted the world over to verify whether or not organic food does in fact reduce your cancer risk.

The Results Are In:

It is now widely believed that eating organic foods over food covered in pesticides may not actually reduce your risk for cancer. A recent Oxford University study concluded it is unlikely that eating organic food helps to reduce cancer risk, however more research needs to be completed before making a definitive conclusion one way or the other. With all the talk of “superfoods” and other medical myths it can be hard to make sense of it all. However if you do want to improve your health, it is believed that the greatest risk for increasing your cancer risk stems from not eating enough fruits or vegetables in general regardless of whether or not they are organic.

Risks of Eating Non-Organic Foods:

Processed prepackaged foods and fast food can contribute to some of the causes of cancer. The biggest risk of these foods is that they lack nutrients and natural foods that often result in extreme weight gain. These foods are filled with excess sodium and sugars in addition to additive chemicals that are not natural to the human body. Eating fast food with great frequency can also cause health problems such as cardiovascular health problems, weight gain, obesity and Type II Diabetes. It is important to try to incorporate healthier meal plans and cook at home as much as possible.

Additional Ways to Reduce Cancer Risks:

If you want to reduce your cancer risks even further, it is essential to make some changes to your lifestyle. You can start by reducing the amount of alcohol you drink. According to Cancer Research UK, alcohol can be the source of at least seven types of cancer which include breast, colon and mouth. It is also time to quit smoking. Everyone knows the risks of smoking so go ahead and stop once and for all. You should also start exercising regularly. The US National Cancer Institute has performed countless studies linking cancer development directly to obesity. If you keep your BMI at a healthy level, you can reduce your chances of developing a number of types of cancer.

According to the latest studies, it is far more important to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables regardless of their organic status to reduce your risk of cancer. It is also important to eat more natural foods and less processed foods and even less fast food. Making a few changes today could potentially save your life tomorrow.

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