young-man-and-woman-studyingIf you’re struggling with addiction, comprehensive inpatient rehab is the best option for a successful long-term recovery. If you’ve never been to inpatient treatment before, you’re probably wondering what to expect and how to prepare yourself for your stay at the facility.


For the most part, preparing for inpatient drug rehab involves packing the right things and resting up as much as you can for detox. You don’t have to make any changes in your substance abuse habits before entering residential addiction treatment; in fact, it’s best if you keep using normally so you will be in the right state of mind for treatment. You probably won’t have much contact with the outside world for the 30 to 90 days you spend in rehab, but your intensive treatment program will take up almost all of your time.

Expect to Disconnect:

Most drug and alcohol rehabs prohibit patients from bringing in cell phones, laptops and other devices. This rule is intended, in part, to stop residents from arranging to have drugs or alcohol smuggled into the facility because patients have been known to use cell phones to arrange for drug and alcohol deliveries. It probably goes without saying, but that kind of arrangement breaks most rehab rules..

Personal devices can also be distracting. You’re in rehab to focus on your treatment, not to surf the Web and update Facebook. Your contact with the outside world will be limited; you probably won’t be allowed to leave the facility unsupervised. In some cases, you may be able to go out on group outings with other residents or to spend time with loved ones if they live nearby. However, it’s far from unheard of for rehab patients to spend their entire programs on campus.

Of course, you’ll still be allowed to contact your loved ones while you’re in rehab. You’ll just have to reach out to friends and family using a pay phone or a shared phone, instead of enjoying the same level of connectedness you’re accustomed to.

Don’t Go on a Bender:

You might be tempted to go on one last crazy drug and alcohol binge before entering rehab, but you shouldn't. Binging before rehab will make the detox process harder, and that’s the last thing you want. Plus, binging could make you more vulnerable to an accident or an overdose.
Don’t try to quit preemptively, either. Depending on your drug of choice, quitting cold turkey could bring on dangerous medical complications. Once you get into rehab, you’ll have medical supervision to detox safely. In the days leading up to rehab, maintain your normal dosages and routines.

Rest Up:

You’ll have plenty of time to rest in rehab, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get plenty of rest and eat well in the days prior to entering. Detox is physically difficult; the more rested you are, the better you’ll tolerate it. If you have trouble sleeping in rehab, let staff know. You need your rest in order to be fully present for a full day of treatment activities, and also to recover physically from the effects of substance abuse. After you leave rehab, getting plenty of sleep will be a part of your relapse prevention plan.

Pack Well:

Before you arrive at the facility, you’ll receive a list of items you can and can’t bring with you into rehab. Follow it to a T. You’ll probably be limited as to how many personal effects you can bring with you into the facility, but you should bring comfortable clothes, house slippers, swimwear and workout clothes. Some facilities also treat people struggling with sex addiction as well as substance addictions, so play it safe and don’t bring any revealing clothes. You shouldn’t bring any clothing that references drugs or alcohol, either.

You’ll also want to bring sunglasses, a backpack and other equipment you might need for group outings. Bring enough toiletries for your entire stay, but avoid any that contain alcohol, like many mouthwashes. You can also bring some books for light reading, although you may want to avoid any books about alcohol or drug-related topics. Feel free to pack your preferred religious texts. If the facility has a gift shop, cafe or bookstore, you may want to bring a small amount of spending money. You may need pocket change or a calling card for the payphone.
Inpatient rehab is your best treatment option if you’re suffering from addiction. If you know what to expect and prepare yourself well, your stay in rehab will go smoothly. Before you know it, you’ll be starting a brand new, substance-free life.

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I agreed with the points you mentioned, If your drug addiction has taken control of your life then it would only be treated and cure with the help of drug rehab.


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if one is a drug addicted person and such a person is out of control the best place to take him to is rehab


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