exercise-for-back-painExercise is the last thing that we want to hear to treat any problem whether it is body care or back pain. Instead of exercise, we love to hear solutions which we can buy. These solutions include

  • This chair will make your back pain gone in one week.
  • This drug will cure back pain for ever in one month.
  • No need to do boring regular exercise, our product will cure back pain in minutes.

My doctor says that the best way to cure back pain is to strengthen back muscles and to achieve this, regular exercise is the only way. So you need to get up early in the morning and do gentle exercise if you want to keep back pain at bay.

How exercise helps in treating back pain:

The studies say that inactivity is very harmful if you have back pain. Lying idle makes your muscles weak and less flexible. Doing regular mild exercise increases the blood circulation in your body including your discs, joints and muscles. It also relaxes the spasms that are causing the pain.

What exercises help in back pain:

Walking, swimming, stretching or any gentle exercise can help you to get rid of back pain. Consult with a back pain therapist and make sure that you are not overdoing any exercise else you may end up in more pain. Warm up your back before starting any exercise.

You can also some online exercise programs made especially for back pain. These exercise targets the core muscles group that support our back.

Few more tips to cure back pain:

  1. If you cannot avoid working on computer all day, sit with feet flat on the floor.
  2. While working, take rest for around 5 minutes in between and move around in your office.
  3. Work on losing your weight if you are obese because more weight causes more pressure on muscles.
  4. While lifting any heavy object, always bend on knees, not on waist.

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Posted on: 27.06.2013 18:38

Thanks for these tips. I must say it is quite interesting to read. I know that what you are saying is the best way to cure back pain

piercen bell

Posted on: 08.06.2016 12:23

Meditation is the best exercise to get rid of back pain. There are so many positions you can go with. Detailed information you can get here http://breakingmuscle.com/yoga/heal-your-lower-back-pain-with-these-5-yoga-poses


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