memory-lossMemory is an important factor in human being that helps us to store information and recall it whenever needed. At the same time, lapse in memory power can occur for any person due to several reasons. It is quite common to have weak memory at some point in our life. But weak memory should not become serious and cause personality problem and changes in behavior. Sometimes weak memory is caused due to brain disease and it may affect the normal functions of the affected person.


Causes of Weak Memory:

  • The common cause for weakened memory is aging. As one grows old, there will be slowdown of concentration which may result in loss of memory. Sometimes, heightened stress and anxiety may reduce your memory. Certain powerful drugs are known to weaken the memory. Weak memory is also caused due to intake of certain medications for brain disease and tumors.
  • Repeated use of alcohol or drug is likely to weaken the memory.
  • Stressful lifestyle and lack of sleep would make your memory weak and poor. If you are not able to sleep properly previous night, then the chance of increased memory loss is high during the next day.
  • In the modern technology, most of the people fail to remember even normal things, since they depend very much on computer and mobile for storing information.

Home Remedies For Weak Memory:

By following healthy lifestyle and eating balanced diet, you can easily increase your memory. It is essential to sleep for minimum 7 hours daily. But due to tight work schedule and meeting deadlines at night, many of you are skipping sleep for days together which may ultimately result in memory loss and poor health.

  1. Include foods like salmon, flax seeds in your daily food which is sure to increase fatty acids. Also add fibrous food like beans, wholegrain, pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables and milk in your diet which will activate your brain and improve memory. Vitamin B-12 is necessary for normal functions of brain and including eggs, meat and milk products that are rich in Vitamins.
  2. Develop a healthy sleeping pattern daily. Go to bed in time and avoid sitting and watching TV even if you don’t have to go for work next day. Your brain needs enough rest to function normally for the entire day and hence develop healthy habit of getting sleep for at least 7 hours a day.
  3. Avoid using tobacco in any form. Drinking alcohol and using drugs will have drastic effect on your brain and other vital organs. In the long run, your nervous system gets affected which will ultimately cause loss of memory.
  4. Encourage children to play brain teasing games to improve concentration. Any activity that triggers your brain is good for increasing memory.
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Posted on: 07.03.2013 11:40

Hi I do like your article I have this problem, reading through your article I can only relate to lack of sleep. Trying to develop a healthy sleeping pattern is the problem, I have been battling sleep disorder for a long time.
But I'll take on board your tips to see if they will help, thanks for the post.


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